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From: £129.99

Having gained your fATPL you must ensure that you keep your skills fresh. The Flight Sim Centre we can help provide simulator refresher sessions that will allow you to maintain the skills needed while looking for that first position at an airline.


A 8 hour training course teaching how to fly the world’s most popular airliner.

From: £150.00

Nearly 1 in 6 of us has some sort of anxiety about flying - and now there's a solution. Conquer your fear of flying and take off with confidence at the Flight Sim Centre, Newcastle. Sessions are run on an individual one-to-one basis with a professional pilot.  Bring a friend or family member for support if you would like to.


Would you like to work at the Flight Sim Centre as one of our flight instructors? Ever dream of becoming a pilot? Well this could be the course for you!