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The Pilot Refresher Course uses your aircraft’s make-and-model weight and balance and performance charts. Thus, this course is an aeroplane-specific recurrent training course designed to increase pilots’ safety, knowledge, and abilities.



May The Force Be With You! STAR WARS SPECIAL – Only at the Virtual Reality Centre, 30 minute experience. Ages 4 and upwards. Places are limited

From: £15.00

The Virtual Reality Centre offers VR experiences using both the Occulus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, it offers true immersive virtual reality experience.


30 minute options Combat Jet Fighter • Supermarine Spitfire • 4D Motion Racing Car • Virtual Reality Gaming.

From: £39.00

Fly the most famous fighter aircraft of World War 2 in our full size cockpit (Choose between our 200 degree external projector screen or using the Virtual Reality headset.)

From: £49.00

Come flying with us in our fantastic 7 seat Piper PA32 aircraft, learn what it’s like to fly a real aircraft including flight planning, weather forecasting and navigating.

From: £59.00

Want to fulfil your Need for Speed? Let us take you to the Danger Zone and beyond and fly the new Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II simulator – The only one of its type in the U.K.

From: £59.00

Go Karts, F1, Rallycross, Touring cars, Vintage, Supercars, Whatever car or type of track you want we’ll try to make it happen!


Choice of 30 mins Boeing 737-800  OR 60 mins Combat Jet Fighter • Supermarine Spitfire • 4D Motion Racing Car • Virtual Reality Gaming.

From: £99.00

Fly the world’s most popular airliner in our full size cockpit. Your chance to fly “heavy metal”! This simulator is suitable for everybody, no matter what level of experience.

From: £99.00

Nearly 1 in 6 of us has some sort of anxiety about flying - and now there's a solution. Conquer your fear of flying and take off with confidence at the Flight Sim Centre, Newcastle.

From: £99.00

Having gained your fATPL you must ensure that you keep your skills fresh. The Flight Sim Centre we can help provide simulator refresher sessions that will allow you to maintain the skills needed while looking for that first position at an airline.